Market is Down over 9% Since I showed YOU How to Hedge

on 07 1, 2010

I guess the main question is: Did you hedge?

I can only help those who want to help themselves.   I am glad I can help those people who want help.  I also wanted to thank everyone for the nice emails regarding the protection video.

The plain and simple truth, something that I have tried to tell you through this blog, is that the market since March of 2009 has been built on hopes and dreams not a sound economic base.  We have not improved in anyway: banks are still losing value in their level three assets as the mortgage and housing market collapse.  In fact it is only getting worse because commercial real estate is collapsing with the retail homes.  European nations are in very bad shape and trying to save some face with austerity cuts that will not work.  Our government just keeps adding on programs that take money out of the economy and never brings any jobs to the table.  July is going to be much worse in terms of jobs and will most likely hit 10.5% unemployment.

Our deficit just keeps expanding and it seems that reality has inched its way back into the spotlight.  Media can only hide the truth for so long.  People are feeling it in their wallets and their bank accounts.  Consumer confidence is down but more importantly so is your portfolio.

I hope you took steps to protect yourself when I showed you how back in May when the market as still around 10,700 on the Dow.  Look at the bigger picture and ask yourself if the market continues to go down where you would want to be out.  We have ebbed and flowed around 10k for a few months, but these last few days have been pretty ugly.  We have made new lows compared to our June lows and I’m sure the institutions will try to come in and support the market in here.  Rallies may more of just a point to sell if we do not find some support in here soon.

Big picture, no real improvement for the average Joe for the past year and four months.  Can the market go back to the lows of March 09 around $6,470? Yes they can.  Do I want to risk giving up $3,000 point on the DJIA vs trying to ride the market back to the major high of just over $11k? To me you have to ask yourself about risk and reward.  How much do I believe in the market and what I am being told versus what I am risking in my portfolio.  Long term portfolios should be concerned here.

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