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on 04 20, 2010

I created this site as a journal for stocks options that I find as I am watching the market.  I have been fortunate to be a professional market maker and specialist on a major options floor.  Through this time on the floor and off floor experiences I have received an excellent education on how to properly use options to profit and hedge.

A little about my portfolio philosophy:

I used a multi-prong approach to management.  One strategy does not work all of the time.  For this reason I trade all three directions, up, down and sideways.  I also trade multiple strategies because where one works well, another fails.  I do not try to hit home runs, I will leave that the guys who send you emails claiming 1million percent returns.  Singles and doubles are good for me!

Anyone can trade.  Education is key and I know this because it took me a while to grasp the concepts to.  After six months of being fully immersed in the pits with a mentor, it finally clicked, the fog started to lift and abstract theory became crystal clear.  I think everyone needs to get educated on using options properly.  I will be posting several sources that I recommend.

We are in a wonderful world where we can access trading floor via our home computers.  Electronic access has given us the same power as the floor guy to see these markets real time with bid-ask size.  Trading allows you to work anywhere you want to in the world.   The markets have been pretty stable with some volatility, but this makes for great trading.

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