Taking FX to Next Level with Options

on 02 10, 2011

Sick of day trading? Sick of being stuck at computer? Want to trade a product that is not manipulated by thin volume like stocks?  Please read on!

A new service for active investors is opening the doors to the public.  It is an options trading service on Foreign Currency Pairs. Many of you have looked at FX and said it is not for you.  Maybe you tried it and did not like the odd hours or did not like the day trading aspect.  This new service solves those problems by taking a swing trading approach over a few days rather then a few hours. Signals occur during the trading day and are emailed and sent to your phone.  You do not have to be tied to your desk in order to get your trades opened or closed.

This service is a brand new approach to Forex Trading.  For most of my readers you know the advantages of options, but they provide leverage, reduce risk , allow for non directional trades and allow for overnight risk.  Most of the trades in this service are directionally oriented.  The service basically works like this: the FX Specialists signal the options Specialist with a FX pair and their expectations of that FX Pairs potential movement. The Options guys then place an option trade on to best match their expectations and time horizons.  Stops and targets are issues along with the initial report. Emails are sent out along with twitter(which sends to your cell phone-if you want!)

Options allow an FX trader to keep the trade overnight.  Most FX traders can not leave their desk unless they are out of their trade.

FX is one of  the largest trading markets and can not be manipulated like small stocks.

So if you want a little freedom, you can put the OptionsonFX team to work for you!

Take a look at OptionsonFX.com

If this sounds interesting to you, please go there now, because they are running a special for the first 100 people to lock in 50% off their price ( I don’t think this will last long!)

You can register for the webinar next week, and I encourage you to learn more, but if you like what you see, act quickly because that special will not last!

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