on 04 16, 2010

This is my journal of stocks that I think are going to move and that have cheap options.  By putting it on the web it forces me to write out all of the relevant points that I do in my research.  I have several scans that I perform on a regular basis.  If I find something with some potential I will post it up here. Most of the time it will be Cheap Implied Volatility Options, but when the VIX is high, I will post some expensive IVs to sell.  I used to allow comments on the page for everyone to agree/disagree, but because of the spam, I now require you to register to see the full post and make comments.

Ryan Mastro-Founder:

I was born and raised in Southern NJ.  Grew up as a commercial clammer.  This made me appreciate hard work.  Went to Drexel University and found my path through their co-op program on the derivatives floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.  After several years as market maker/specialist, I joined a group to create an off floor proprietary trading desk which was successful for several years.  Through this venture I developed life long friendships, business partners and business ventures.

One of those ventures led me on a path of technology and how to properly use that technology for my own personal trading style.  This path helped me create dozens of powerful scanning and analytical tools to minimize my research time.  Another venture has led me to the path of online option education.  In reflecting on this venture it has to be the most rewarding.  Knowing that I have helped individual investors get on a path to reach their goals and help them save research time so they can do the things they truly enjoy, like be with their family.  Time is something that you can not get back.  As I see my three children grow up so fast I am so thankful that I have been able to see them grow everyday.

My downtime, when not with family, is usually spent testing and analyzing  trading systems and portfolios.  The market is constantly changing and to be able to stay ahead of the curve takes work.  Investing/trading is not easy, but with the right mindset, proper tools and good risk management it can be the most profitable time.

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